ABV 3.5%
STYLE Passion Fruit & Chrysanthemum Berliner Weise (Sour)

A bright easy drinking berliner weise. Perfect summertime quaffer. Soft floral chrysanthemum followed by seedy passionfruit. A truly delightful, slightly tart, refreshing beer.

As an art historian, Molly was particularly taken by the gallery of labels that present themselves in bars and bottle stores. Throughout her studies she became more and more interested in the labels that existed as works of art, not merely symbols of advertisement. From this, she set up The Curator Project, a beer company that offers both artist and brewer creative freedom to produce works that represent their own styles.

The brewer writes the recipe and is set up with a place to brew the beer, the artist is simply given the constraints of label dimensions, and the curator, Molly, brings it all together and gets it to the bar and bottle shop.
This is The Curator Project’s first beer.

Claire Madrid, who works as a contract brewer at Steam Brewing in Otahuhu,
designed and wrote the recipe then flew down to Wellington to brew the beer at
Double Vision. In this recipe she wanted to explore possibilities of sour beer with botanical pairings. In this case, the herbaceous, aromatic, almost savoury quality of the dried Chrysanthemum balances the sweet bright qualities of the fresh passionfruit.

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