Look Out! It's Juice Zilla! (Roarrrr!)

Juice Zilla is our sixth edition in our Juicy – Hazy IPA Series. Coming in with an orchestra of NZ and US hops, expect exactly what the name says: huge flavours of Juicy Hazy goodness!

  • ABV 7%
  • Style Hazy IPA
  • Flavours Motueka, Citra and Nelson Sauvin are boldly dry-hopped to keep bitterness down but Aromas and Flavours sky high! Expect massive notes of citrus, tropical, Mojito and gooseberry. We have used Jumbo oats and wheat for body, plus American ale malt and a touch of Pilsner malt for flavour.

This product has been archived to our Beer Library hall of fame and is no longer in production.