Hoppy Mc Hop Head? Yea, that's you! Get this in your mouth hole!

If you’re a Hophead, the West Coast is the Best Coast. As a tribute for this year’s West Coast IPA challenge, we had to decide how to make our beer stand out. The answer is simple: use the Royalty of West Coast Hops and highlight them as “Queens of the West Coast.” These shining stars are coming out, center stage on your palate through IN YOUR FACE, Loud & Proud dry-hopping.

  • ABV 7.3%
  • Style West Coast IPA
  • Flavours Zythos is like like throwing a pineapple into a pine forest, El Dorado brings some magical stone fruit, Idaho7 has zesty tangerine and then Eukanot smashes in Tropical Punch with a bit of spice.

This product has been archived to our Beer Library hall of fame and is no longer in production.