Help Young Kiwis get the Help they Deserve. Donate to I AM HOPE!

Without you there is no counselling. We need your passion, energy, and positivity. We need your drive, dedication, and fun, but most of all we need your involvement.

This year we are celebrating the real heroes of Gumboot Friday – you – our communities, who are giving their all to raise funds for free kids counselling.

Learn more about Gumboot Friday.

Who Contributed What to Make this Charity Beer?

Double Vision Brewing: Brewed the beer, packaged and designed labels/packaging in collaboration with I AM HOPE’s Art Work.
Fork & Brewer: Conduit to I am Hope with Mike King. Kieran brought us the relationship and idea as he knew we would take it and smash it together.
Fortune Favours: Keen to support through their access to all Kapura venues and Channels for on-prem.
Keg Star: Kegstar is the supplier to Fortune and Fork. This was teed up through Jamie.
Freestyle Hops: The best hops in Aotearoa and donated at 100% discount
Gladfield Malts: Locally grown Canterbury malts are provided and also at 100% discount.
Wrapt Labels: The best label company in the land. Again, 100% contribution.
Bluestar: Bluestar has provided the 6-pack boxes!
Froth Technologies: The only Yeast Producer in Aotearoa. This guarantees fresh and healthy yeast that performs better than overseas providers.
Don’t Drink Alcohol? That’s all good! Head to I AM HOPE to donate directly HERE!
  • What 5% Hazy Pale Ale Every brand you see here has contributed to this project to make ZERO profit. 100% of Proceeds go to I am Hope. The funding will be used to fund counselling for youth and young people from ages 5-25!
  • Flavours This 5% Session Hazy showcases Freestyle Hops and Gladfield Malts. Expect Juicy, tropical and stone fruit from Motueka, NZ Cascade, and Peacharine (Newly Developed from their Breeding Program!) A great light malt base with just enough body from rolled oats to balance the hops. 
  • Where Six-Packs Exclusively Available from your local North Island New World!

This product has been archived to our Beer Library hall of fame and is no longer in production.