Sworn enemies... Who Will Win?!


Medium Box – 6x Van Hopsing Hazy NZ IPA Cans, 6x The Count NZ IPA Cans, 1x Collectors A3 Van Hopsing Comic Strip, & 1x Collectors A3 The Count Comic Strip

Large Box – 12x Van Hopsing Hazy NZ IPA Cans, 12x The Count NZ IPA Cans, 2x Collectors A3 Van Hopsing Comic Strip,  2x Collectors A3 The Count Comic Strip

The Beers:


Fresh Hop Hunting Season is back again! This year’s Fresh Hop Hazy NZ IPA is brought to you by Van Hopsing – The greatest Hop Hunter in the land. He has battled the resinous and formidable hops from The Count‘s Hop Army, and Moutere hops have met their fate in our boil pot. The bounty was high, and the yield, glorious. Not a hop spared in this battle for your palate. For a take on the other side of the battle, make sure and get your claws on The Count – our parallel NZ IPA battling for top hop 2022. 

Flavours: Fresh Moutere cones hunt out Juicy characteristics like grapefruit, tropical fruit and a little balance of Pine to round off this full-bodied Hazy NZ IPA.


Please, come in. Make yourself at home. Count Hopula will be up from the laboratory… I mean Basement…. with nothing to see in it… soon. A little bat told me that The Count has taken fresh from the vine Nelson Sauvin and transformed the flowers into a potion with some other magical ingredients to make a brew fit to have flavour from Britain to India… Or in our case, more relevantly, the hop fields in Nelson to your mouth hole! With this secret being out, keep an eye open for The Count’s old nemesis Van Hopsing who is on the hunt for him. 

Flavours: Fresh Hops bring unique, fruity and dank flavours to a malty beer like an IPA in a way that puts any hop-head under a spell that will entice them to drain the life from their glass and seek another.

  • Available Sizes 12 box or 24 box... What suits your fancy?
  • What's in the box? Both of our Limited Release Fresh Hop Brews and Limited edition Comic Strips!
  • What's the occasion? Don't ask silly questions. It's Fresh Hop Season Fool!

This product has been archived to our Beer Library hall of fame and is no longer in production.